Why Work With City Hive?

Learn & Grow and be Part of the Best

City Hive was founded by computer geeks who also know how to handle mass amounts of data, build simple system with complex capabilities and grow successful startups. We’re here to grow a successful business, but we’re making sure that the journey is both fulfilling and fun.

Solve Hard Problems

We’re solving hard problems, from building hardcore data pipes, scalable systems and learning machines to optimizing algorithms and business models to figuring out how to market, position, and sell a product that the market has never seen before.

Work Life Balance

We work hard, and we do it together, yet we also have lives outside of work. As long as you’re crushing it, we support flexible hours and work from home days. If you’re good, you can take your time working in another continent.

Become a Stakeholder

Become a significant stakeholder in City Hive. We’re working on problems that have a high market demand and generate real revenues. Our goals for the biz are very high, and we want you to participate in this upside.