Carry Your Store with you everywhere.

Your entire business in your customers' pockets.

Phones have revolutionized commerce. The average American checks their phone  56 times and spends nearly four hours on it each day. At City Hive, we can make every second of those four hours a chance to make money. 

With push notifications, scanning capabilities, and a beautifully simple app design, it’s easier  (and more profitable) than ever before to sell to your customers.

Wherever they are, sell to them.

It’s no secret that online and mobile ordering has taken over commerce. With an infinite world of possibilities online, you’re no longer constrained by the physical location of your store.

Times have changed. In a post-Covid world, sometimes a 15-minute drive feels like 15 hours. Your customers want to buy from you on their terms. Help them do it with a custom-designed mobile app.

See it? Buy it.

When inspiration strikes, act on it. Sometimes, your biggest profits can come from when you least expect them. Your customer is at a wine tasting in Napa Valley and likes what they find? Now they can easily scan it with your mobile app, order it, and have it delivered right to their doorstep, all without leaving the party.

Connect with your customers in seconds.

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of users opt-in to push notifications.

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of people click targeted push notifications.

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push notifications are opened 390x faster than emails.