Marketing, Sales, and Distribution, all in one Place

Your Brand, your Way

Build your brand a stunning website in seconds using City Hive’s revolutionary Pages 2.0 drag-and-drop editor. A web builder built specifically for the beer, wine, and spirits industry, Pages 2.0 allows you (or us, at your direction) to build a website that informs, sells, and looks beautiful in hours, not days or weeks.  

Control your Brand Everywhere

With an industry-leading Product Information Management system, Going Live with City Hive means you have total control over your products. With the click of a button, control the images, descriptions, and other product information for every product in your inventory sold by City Hive-connected retailers. 

Own your Marketing

Thanks to City Hive’s always-growing network of connected retailers, you can send your marketing materials directly to thousands of websites for stores across the United States. With more than two-thirds of the United States in range of a City Hive connected store, Going Live means unleashing your marketing to a nationwide audience. 

Plus, with City Hive’s complete suite of marketing tools, you can build smart SMS, email, and pop-up marketing materials that automatically select and promote products with the qualities you choose. 

Ready to Retake Control?

The world is evolving, and your dedicated customers (and future customers) demand access to your products at the click of a button, it’s time to act. 

Click the button below to talk to our Head of Business development Samuel Murphy to learn more about how City Hive for Suppliers can help your business grow.

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