Sell Whenever, Wherever

Welcome, to Customer Centricity

Don’t limit yourself or your customer. With City Hive, your customers can discover your entire portfolio and place orders wherever they are, whenever they want, so you make money without lifting a finger. 

Around the Clock Discoverability

Let your customers discover and browse your entire portfolio 24/7/365 with advanced search capabilities, sophisticated pricing, in-stock features, and intuitive navigation. Showcase your brands in all their glory with an up-to-date product catalog, beautiful imagery, and rich content. All designed to introduce your customers to new products, increase order size, and boost your profits.

Go Big, So you Don't have to Go Home

When people order online, they order more. That’s why we make it ridiculously easy for your customers to reorder their favorite brands,  and take advantage of your promotions, assortments, flash sales, combo packs, and much more. 

At City Hive, just as at your business, the customer is the center of what we do. That’s why we built our completely customizable platform not only to sell, but to sell your products more efficiently than you ever thought possible.