Any Questions?

City Hive is the leading technology provider for the three-tiered beer, wine, and spirits industry.

Though City Hive’s main focus is currently the beer, wine, and liquor industry, we do provide our platforms to businesses, non-profits, and other organizations outside of the industry on a situational basis. Think your organization could benefit from City Hive? Contact us today!

If you have a problem with your purchase, delivery, or pricing, please contact the retailer that you made the purchase with.

If you have purchased a product from a retailer powered by City Hive, you may see a charge on your account coming from City Hive. This is because if someone is trying to use your credit card online with one of the businesses we process payments for, we make an inquiry (not a charge) into your bank account in an effort to protect you and the businesses we serve from fraudulent activity.

If you do not recall making a purchase from a City Hive powered retailer, we urge you to contact your bank and/or credit card provider.