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Only 40% of shoppers shop exclusively in-person. With City Hive, sell to the 60% who look online first. Discover how a digital transformation can boost your business in-store and online with the click of a button.

Custom E-Commerce Website

Meet your customers where they spend most of their time: online. Having a beautiful web presence means so much more than generating e-commerce sales: it means boosting your profits across the board. More than 70% of customers choose to shop with businesses that establish a connection with them online. With City Hive, we can build you that connection in less than a week. 

Custom E-Commerce Mobile App

We live in an age where customers expect to be able to get whatever they want, whenever they want it, without having to use a computer. That’s why City Hive will build your business a custom-branded e-commerce mobile app to drive traffic to your store no matter when, or where, your customers want to access it.

Search Engine Optimization

Having a beautiful website means nothing if your customers (and potential customers) never see it. That’s why City Hive includes advanced tools to optimize your website’s position in search results. Statistically, more than 60% of customers never go past the first three Google results, and more than 90% of Customers never go past the first page. With our tools, you’ll never have to worry about not getting discovered.

Advanced Marketing Tools

With City Hive, intelligent marketing is finally accessible to everyone. Using advanced website tracking data, we know what your customers want and put it in front of them, all with the click of a button.

Universal POS Integration

City Hive boosts way more than your e-commerce, our data transformations are truly universal. That’s why we link directly to your POS system to provide you with advanced inventory tracking, revolutionary analytics, and much, much more.

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Use City Hive's intelligent distributor-specific tools to leverage our massive network of merchants and suppliers. With smart marketing, advanced analytics, and direct merchant integration, you've never sold smarter.

Custom Website

Owning the customer relationship is the most important thing in business. With City Hive’s white label solution you’ll have your own branded storefront so your customers can engage directly with you.

Customer Centricity

Don’t limit yourself or your customer. With City Hive your customers can discover your entire portfolio wherever they are, whenever they want. Let your customer place orders around the clock so you can make money while you sleep.

Customer Relationship Management

City Hive’s state of the art CRM suite means you can foster relationships directly with your customer base and unleash cutting edge marketing to grow your business.

Complete ERP Integration

City Hive will fully integrate with your ERP, creating a seamless connection from your customer’s smartphone to your sales rep to your warehouse.  Manage your entire wholesale operation in one place and take back control. 


Maintain brand integrity and grow brand loyalty with tools to manage product data and implement measurable, branded sales and marketing campaigns.

Custom Website

Control every aspect of your brand. Your brand is unique and deserves a completely customizable website, made with the builder that web-design professionals and beginners alike trust to create and control their brand’s public image. 

Product Information Management

Going Live with City Hive means more than controlling the information associated with your brand on your own website and with your own marketing. It means that you’ll be able to provide City Hive’s entire network of online retailers (the largest such network in the world) with the exact information that you want to be displayed with your product. 

Advanced CRM Tools

With City Hive, you can unlock a suite of marketing tools made specifically for suppliers to grow their businesses like never before. Using City Hive’s massive network of connected retailers, you can send your marketing materials directly to your customers at their point of sale.

Next Generation Store Locator

Your customers want to buy your products, make it easy for them. With City Hive’s store locator, you can show your customers exactly where they can buy your products at the click of a button. Want your customers to buy on your website, no problem, your customers can buy your products from local businesses without ever leaving your custom website!

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