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Our technology enables retailers to maintain complete control over your customer base.

Your business.

Integrate into any POS system for real-time inventory updates - we handle the integration for you.​

Monitor your products, customers, orders and subscriptions from a single app.

Create coupons, case discounts and rewards programs to incentivize purchases.

Pull sales data right from your dashboard - know your top buyers, your top sellers and more - at a glance!

Your website.

Gain immediate access into the online ecommerce world - with a customizable branded website.

Get over 4,000,000 product images and descriptions automatically matched to your products via UPC - no more searching for product images.

Drive traffic through third-party integrations (e.g. wine searcher, add-ons).

Convert visitors to subscribers and subscribers to customers using our tools.

Your app.

Keep yourselves close to your customers with a branded mobile app for iOS and Android.

Engage with customers in stores by allowing them to scan your products via UPC for winemaker and tasting notes and recommendations.

Customize your app and bring the personalized in-store shopping experience right to your customer's fingertips.

Stay competitive - meet and engage with your customers where and how they shop - on an app.

Your customers.

Recommend products through push notification & email to segmented audiences based on purchase profiles and other select parameters.

Create a membership platform by offering exclusive wine, liquor or beer clubs and in store events to gain customer loyalty and recurring revenue.

Keep your customers updated with automated emails.

Join thousands of wine, spirit and beer stores that have digitally transformed their business.

Our customers increase their basket size by 35% within one month after going live!

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