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Ready to see what it means to make your business’s commerce truly universal? Schedule a demo with our VP of Sales today to see City Hive’s u-Commerce platform for wine and spirits shops in action. Learn more about our suite of products and how you can use one, some or the entire suite to build and grow your store’s brand awareness, encourage customer engagement and increase revenue.

What will we talk about?

One of the cores of City Hive’s suite of services is our revolutionary e-commerce platform. Whether you want a beautiful e-commerce website, a streamlined mobile app, both, or neither, City Hive has the e-commerce solution for you.

With City Hive’s suite of marketing tools, you can grow your customer base and market to your existing customers easier than ever before. From email and SMS marketing to push notifications and pop-ups, City Hive has you covered.

City Hive has a package for every business. Whether you’re looking for our most essential marketing tools or our full suite of technology services, we’ve got you covered.

Like what you hear? Want to get started? One of our customer success specialists can walk you through what it would look like to Go Live!