About Us

About Us

We are the digital enterprise solution for wine, beer and liquor retailers, suppliers, and distributors alike. We are a team of experienced technology experts with a love for alcohol, and have created the cutting-edge technology that changes the way consumers and our business partners buy and sell their favorite drinks.

City Hive builds, manages, and maintains POS-integrated mobile e-Commerce apps and websites. It allows consumers to browse inventory and purchase products directly from their phones. Using real-time data and consumption insights, distributors, suppliers, and retailers can promote specific products directly to the consumer.

City Hive allows you to stay focused on what you do best while keeping you up to date with the latest e-Commerce solutions. Retailers benefit by being part of a network while building their own independent brand and gaining valuable customer data. Consumers benefit from the special offers targeted to their preferences and a higher level of service.

Our Team

Roi Kliper, CEO

Yosi Dediashvili, CTO

Nimrod Goldrat, Developer

Joel Gotthelf, Developer

Ravit Sages, Designer

Monika Figura, Customer Success Expert