What Makes Us, Us

City Hive is creating a world where commerce is universal.

City Hive was founded on the idea that commerce should not be restricted by technological barriers. For far too long, the wine and spirits industry was plagued by technological advancement that was either non-existent or existed only for those businesses with the time and money to spend on marketing, web design, data analytics, and inventory syncing. At City Hive, we tackled that problem head-on with the creation of the revolutionary City Hive u-Commerce platform. A tool designed to help businesses of all sizes, and involved at all levels, of the wine and spirits market take advantage of technological advancements that have long been kept from this industry.

Our Leaders

Roi Kliper is the co-founder and CEO of City Hive. A Ph.D. in computational neuroscience, Roi has worked in machine learning at Microsoft, as a senior researcher at Elbit Systems, and was an innovation fellow at Cornell University’s prestigious runway program.  

With this expertise, Roi founded City Hive to bring data and technology solutions to an industry that innovation left behind. Armed with revolutionary ideas and the capacity to execute them, Roi set off on a journey of rapid growth, technological innovation, and lots of wine. In the years since, Roi has shepherded City Hive’s growth from a simple but powerful idea to the leading commerce technology provider for the entire >$300 billion American liquor industry.

Yosi Dediashvili-Drossos is the co-founder and CTO of City Hive. An expert in software development, Yosi has worked in R&D on highly sensitive projects for Elisra, an Israeli manufacturer of high-tech and experimental electronics, as well as in R&D for the IDF. 

A gifted programmer with a steadfast refusal to accept technological limitations, Yosi has secured patents for created the technological basis of City Hive. In an industry that processes billions of dollars and trillions of individual data points, Yosi has built the backbone of the largest single hub of information and financial transactions in the industry. Described by his contemporaries as the “Micheal Jordan of Software Development” and more succinctly as a “genius,” Yosi masterfully guides City Hive into a technological future of its own making.

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