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Why City Hive

E-Commerce and Sales

Businesses that Make the Switch and Go Live with City Hive see a

50% Increase

in monthly e-commerce sales.

At City Hive, we ask ourselves every day, “how do we help our partners make more money?” Here are some of our favorite answers to that question:

  • By creating websites that not only look better, but sell better than websites on other platforms.
  • By ensuring those websites are always on the first page of your customer’s search results.
  • By making our platform simple and straightforward to use so you can spend your time managing other aspects of your business. Time is money, after all.

Marketing and Design

Targeted marketing is


more effective than traditional non-targeted marketing.

Here’s how City Hive’s marketing tools can help your business grow:

  • Email, SMS, and push notification marketing integrated directly into the platform means you don’t need to spend more on costly and sometimes ineffective services marketing platforms.
  • City Hive’s unified marketing and sales platform automatically segments your customers by hundreds of customizable data points, massively boosting the effectiveness of your content.
  • State-of-the-art design tools optimized for amateur users with the power and capabilities needed by seasoned design pros make it easy to design stunning and effective marketing materials.

Data and Analytics

Businesses that utilize advanced data and analytics are on average


more efficient than those that do not.

Here are just a few ways City Hive’s data and analytics capabilities can help you manage your business smarter:

  • Advanced E-Commerce analytics reports let you see what’s working best for your business. From most popular product types to new vs. returning customer comparisons, you have all the data you need to optimize your profits.
  • With City Hive, every customer that makes a purchase from your store automatically gets a detailed profile of their tastes, their most popular days to shop, and more. With this information, it’s easy to know what to stock up on and when, helping you optimize your inventory.
  • Detailed statistical reports from your marketing efforts make it easy to see what’s working and what isn’t. That way, your marketing is always performing at its fullest potential.

Integration and Inventory

Customers examine a business's online presence


of the time before visiting the store's physical location.

Your online presence is an extension of your store, that’s why City Hive automatically syncs with your POS system, here’s how that integration will benefit your business:

  • Having an online presence isn’t only about selling online. With automatic POS syncing, your customers will be able to check your inventory online, encouraging them to make a purchase in person.
  • Because your website is integrated with your POS, it’s easy to track the products that sell the best and ensure you’re stocked up on those products while reducing the stock of products that aren’t selling as well.
  • With City Hive’s Google Merchant Center integration, your entire inventory is listed on Google automatically for anyone looking to make an alcohol purchase in your area, massively expanding your customer base.

Customer Managment

Customer-centric companies are


more profitable than those that are not.

When you Go Live, you don’t need to spend money on a pricey customer management software, here’s how City Hive customer management makes fostering customer relationships easy:

  • With all of your customer information listed in one place, you have all the information you need to analyze what your customers are interested in, making marketing to them simple.
  • With customer relationship information listed in the same place as your marketing platform, the data you collect is ready to be integrated into your customer communications.
  • From email to SMS and push notifications, no matter what channel of communication your customers prefer, City Hive has you covered.

In-Store and Online Unity

More than


of consumers expect a seamless in-store and online experience.

In 2023, not only is having a website the standard, but having a website that seamlessly replicates and improves on your in-store experience is a customer expectation. Here’s how City Hive makes that happen:

  • Thanks to advanced web design tools, everything that makes your business unique can be seamlessly replicated online.
  • With extended shelf options, your website can list exclusive products online that you don’t have space to carry in-store.
  • With more than 74% of customers looking online before choosing to shop in-store, having a website is crucial to winning new customers.

Learn How City Hive Boosted this Store’s profit 50% in 20 Days

 Premium Website Design

Website Integration

Email List


city hive chat app

Not Sure What Plan to Choose?

Order Processing

  • Standard
  • Pro
  • Expert
Features StandardProExpert
Order Fullfillment
Process, ship, and deliver customer orders.
Payment Processing
Process and receive customer payments from orders.
See transaction pricingSee transaction pricingSee transaction pricing
Branded Website
A customizable e-commerce website with your logos, colors, and branding.
Gift Cards
Supports the distribution and processing of Gift Cards.
Customer Email Support
Gives customers access to a dedicated support email address.
Basic Fraud Prevention
City Hive will automatically flag transactions that have been deemed to have fraudulent characteristics.
Custom Branded Mobile App
A custom branded e-commerce app with your name, logos, colors, and branding.
Invoicing and Quote Creation
Allows for the creation of invoices and quotes for customers.
Manual Customer Order Creation
Manually create orders for your customers in the City Hive dashboard.
Two-Way Order Sync
Online orders sent automatically to your POS to deplete inventory and account for sales.*Not all POS systems supported.
Special Orders/Extended Shelf
Sync distributor portfolios to sell inventory online that is not carried in-store.

Customer Management

  • Standard
  • Pro
  • Expert
Features StandardProExpert
Customer Relationship Management Suite (CRM)
An overview of all interactions with customers and potential customers.
Online Order History
A breakdown of past orders for every customer that has made a purchase from your business online.
Customer Analytics
View customer activity, including the number of orders, total sales, abandoned carts, and last order date.
POS Customer Sync
Sync customer name, emails and phone numbers from your POS to your dashboard.
Advanced Customer Analytics
View advanced analytics tracking customer past activity.
In-Store Order History
A hollistic view of customer activity through syncing customer in-store orders into your City Hive dashboard. *Additional fee of $.01/transaction synced. Not all POS systems supported.

Design Tools

  • Standard
  • Pro
  • Expert
Features StandardProExpert
Brand Customization
Customize your City Hive website and app (if applicable) with your brand information.
Basic SEO Management
Manages and optimizes basic aspects of your SEO.
21+ Age Gate
Places an age gate on your website for all users before they are able to access your store.
Smart Search
Allows for the search of in stock and out of stock items that are listed in your POS.
Custom Design Tools (CMS)
Easy drag & drop editor to customize and build your e-commerce website.
Top Menu Customization
Customize the categories on the top menu of your site.
Media Gallery
Gives access to the media gallery repository where site images are stored for later use.
Custom App Design
Allows you to customize your mobile e-commerce app.
Food Pairings
Provides your customers with automatically generated food pairings for your beverages.
Community Review & Product Ratings Removal
Allows you to remove specific community reviews and product ratings for your inventory.
Availability by Location Tool
Lets your customers see the availability of your products on a per-location basis.
Custom Search Filters
Gives your customers access to custom search filters of your choosing.
Third Party Tracking Codes
Connect visitor and purchase data to third party advertising tools.

Inventory Management

  • Standard
  • Pro
  • Expert
Features StandardProExpert
Access to 4M Product Assets
Images, descriptions and categories automatically connected to your inventory through UPC.
POS Inventory & Pricing Integration
Integrate your inventory and POS information with the City Hive dashboard.
Bottle Deposits
Allows you to automatically factor bottle deposit prices into your sales.
Complete Product Information Control
Edit any aspect of a product's description, image, type, and more.
Staff Picks and Notes
Designate certain products as "staff picks" and add other special notes.
Product Group Customization
Using operators, designate specific inventory items, and categories of inventory items, into customizable groups.
Online Only Sales
Allows you to designate specific products to only be sold online.
Custom Product Content
Allows you to customize product content and information.
Custom/POS Category Prioritization
Override the City Hive database with your custom content that is stored in the POS.
Product & Category Analytics - In-store & Online
View and download product analytic information for in-store and online sales.
POS Image & Description Integration
Imports and syncs product image and description information from your POS to the dashboard.
Advanced Integration Rules
When syncing with your POS apply advanced rules to control every aspect of your sync.

Wine Clubs & Subscription Plans

  • Standard
  • Pro
  • Expert
Features StandardProExpert
Subscription PlansUp to 2Unlimited
Recurring Scheduled Payments
Enables recurring and scheduled payments for subscriptions.
Fulfillment Customization
Enables you to select fulfillment options for your subscribers.
Product Based Clubs
Wine Clubs and Subscriptions based on specific product types/regions/etc.
Payment Management
Customize the schedule, price, and other payment options for your club.
Subsciption Gifting
Allows your customers to gift subscriptions to others.
Merchant Initiated Sign-Ups
Allows you or your employees to initiate club sign-ups.

Analytics & Reporting

  • Standard
  • Pro
  • Expert
Features StandardProExpert
Analytics and Reporting Data Storage
The length of time analytics and reports data will be stored in your dashboard.
Up to 1 yearUp to 1 yearUnlimited
Visits, Orders & Sales Analytics
A report that catalogues site and app (if applicable) visits, orders, and sales analytics.
New & Returning Customer Analytics
A report that catalogues new and returning customer site and app (if applicable) behavior.
Mobile vs Web Analytics
A report that catalogs both mobile and web analytics for easy comparison.
Transaction Report
Detailed reports on any e-commerce transaction occurring with your business.
Product Category Insights
A report that shows higher order data sorted for each product category.
Top Customer Insights
Reporting on customers that are in the highest percentile of transactions with your business.
Customer Prime Hours
Information on when customers interact with your business.
Out of Stock Requests
A report that lists all products that have outstanding customer out-of-stock requests (and the number of requests).
Order Lifecycle Report
Reporting on the stage of the order lifecycle your customers are in.
End of Day Report
A report on your daily e-commerce statistics delivered at the end of each day.
Search Insights
A report listing insights into your customer's search activity on your site and/or app (if applicable).

Marketing Tools

  • Standard
  • Pro
  • Expert
Features StandardProExpert
Newsletter Signup
Allows your customers to sign-up for a newsletter you design and create.
Customer Notification Management
Manage how and whether your customer receives notifications from your business.
Customer Export
Export customer information from the City Hive platform.
Abandoned Cart Notifications
Send customers who have not completed checkout a notification asking them to complete their purchase.
Birthday Notifications
Send automated messages to customers on their birthdays.
Easy to use pre-designed email templates.
Email Marketing
City Hive's powerful email marketing platform.
SMS Marketing
Send SMS text marketing messages to customers who have opted-in.
Push Notification Marketing
Send push notification marketing messages to customers who have downloaded your app.
Custom Sender Email Configuration
Send your emails to specific segments of your customer base using advanced operators.
Customer Segmentation
Use custom operators to create groups of customers that fit specific characteristics.
Product/Category Specific Targeting
Send targeted marketing to customers based on specific products/categories of products that they have purchased.
Personalized SMS Opt-in Keywords
Geographic Targeting
Target marketing to customers based on their geographic location.
Purchase Behavior Targeting
Target marketing to customers based on their past purchase behavior.
Customized Automated Marketing
Custom automated email, push or sms messages send to your customers or team based on hundreds of different criteria.
Branch Specific Targeting
Send marketing offers to customers of specific branches of your store.

Sales & Promotions

  • Standard
  • Pro
  • Expert
Features StandardProExpert
Preconfigured Coupons
First purchase promotions set up to incentivize customers with a click of a button.
City Hive Campaigns
Weekly marketing campaigns sent out on your behalf to customers via email and push.
Branded/Supplier Content
Allows you to receive and publish promotional offers from supplier partners with no extra cost.
Sale Pricing
Set custom sale pricing for your products.
Case Discounts
Category & Product Limitation
Limit sales based on specific products or product categories.
Discounted Product Exclusions
Exclude products that have already received a discount from receiving another.
Minimum Order Amount Limitation
Allows you to place minimum dollar values for customer orders that are eligible for coupon codes.
Custom Coupon Codes
Allows your customers to use custom coupon codes at checkout.
Automatic Discounts
Provide automatic discounts to customers and items you determine.
Referral Program
Incentive program for customers to recommend your business to their family and friends.
Fixed Discount 
Price-based discounts that exist across any given promotion.
Fixed Price
Promotions that set certain products to a specific price.
Order Number Limitation
Limits discounts to only customers who have a specific number of products in their cart.
Fulfillment Method Limitation
Allows you to provide discount offers that only apply to specific fulfillment methods.
Date, Time & Day Specific
Allows you to provide discount offers that are only available at specific times.
Geographic Limitation
Limit sales and promotion to certain geographic areas.
Customer Limited
Limit sales to a certain number of customers.
Advanced POS Discount Rule Integration
Integrate advanced POS discount rules with the City Hive dashboard.

Loyalty & Retention

  • Standard
  • City Hive Pro
  • Expert
Features StandardCity Hive ProExpert
Online Rewards & Redemptions
Allows for the creation of online rewards programs.
Reward Management
Manage the specific rate and method at which customer rewards are given.
Point Based
Rewards programs where customers generate points with purchases.
Cash Back
Rewards programs where customers generate cash back with purchases.
Category Based Rewards
Provide your members rewards based on certain categories.
Mobile App Identification
In app barcode or QR code generated per customer to scan and identify loyalty membership at the register.
Tiered Groups
Allows for segmentation of tiers within your rewards program.
Membership Based
Create membership programs for incentives including discounts on products and free delivery.
In-Store Rewards
Provide your rewards members in-store rewards.
In-Store Redemptions
Ability to redeem rewards in store and automatically sync the redemption online.

Marketing Analytics

  • Standard
  • Pro
  • Expert
Features StandardProExpert
Campaign Analytics
Advanced analytics for your marketing campaigns.
Google Analytics
Integrates Google Analytics with your City Hive dashboard.
Facebook Pixel
Integrates Facebook Pixels with your City Hive dashboard.
Email Conversion Analytics
Advanced email analytics to track conversion rates.


  • Standard
  • Pro
  • Expert
Features StandardProExpert
In-Store Events
Allows you to create in-store events.
Event RSVP
Allows you to create RSVP forms for your events.
Attendee Export
Export attendee data from the City Hive dashboard.
Online Events
Host online-only events.
Featured Event Products
Feature specific products at your events.
Event Notifications
Notify your customers about upcoming events.
Ticketing Tools
Provides tools to collect and distribute event tickets.
Location Control
Determine specific locations where your events will occur.

Product Marketing Tools

  • Standard
  • Pro
  • Expert
Features StandardProExpert
Category Promo Banners
Create promo banners for specific product categories.
Product Collections
Group similar products within an automatically created page on your website.
Publish custom blog posts to your website.
Publish custom forms and raffles to your website.
Pop Ups
Create and deploy custom pop-up promotions to your website.
Product Prioritization (Top picks)
Prioritize and promote certain products on your website in their own category.
Automated Product Prioritization (E.g. Direct Products)
Automatically create product groups for promotion based on specific criteria.
Back- In-Stock Customer Notifications
Inform customers who have attempted to purchase an out-of-stock item in the past that that item is back in-stock.
Upsell in Cart
Presents customers who are viewing their cart before checkout with items to add to their orders.

User Management & Control

  • Standard
  • Pro
  • Expert
Features StandardProExpert
User Permissions
Designate certain users of your City Hive dashboard to have certain levels of access.
Custom Roles
Create custom user roles with specific permissions.
Multi-Location Aggregation
Generate one campaign for all locations connected to a HQ.

Support and Customer Success

  • Standard
  • Pro
  • Expert
Features StandardProExpert
Email Support
Email response time for City Hive customer success.
2-3 business day response time. Critical issues within 24 business hours. 48 hour response time during business days. Critical issues within 12 business hours. 24 hour response time for non-critical issues on business days. 1 hr response time for critical issues 24/7.
Chat Support
Receive chat support from a member of the City Hive customer success team.
Phone Support
Receive phone support from a member of the City Hive customer success team.
Dedicated Account Manager
Have a dedicated account manager assigned to your business to serve as a direct liaison between your business and City Hive.
1-1 Meetings
Individual, scheduled meetings with your customer success representative.
Slack Messaging
Join a slack channel with your account manager for dedicated, real-time support.