Getting Started is as Easy as...


Connect your Bank Account

Going Live means entering a new era of business profitability. As such, we need to connect your bank account to the City Hive dashboard in order to make sure all of your profits go to their rightful place: into your business.

Sync Your Inventory

You’ll work with one of our integration professionals to sync your POS system with the City Hive platform. When the inventory sync is complete, the City Hive platform will automatically update prices, quantities, and sales data on your dashboard with the data from your POS system.  

Upload your Logo

Branding is more important than ever before. That’s why we ask you to upload your company’s logo and associated branding (colors, etc.) to the City Hive dashboard. With these images, we’ll be able to craft a truly custom and unique customer experience on both your website and mobile app.

Confirm Store Settings

The City Hive platform is uniquely yours. That’s why we allow for complete customization of your store settings in order to build your website and app to your exact specifications. 



Launch your Website

After you’ve uploaded your store’s branding and set your store settings, going live is as easy as the push of a button. With our advanced web-builder and content management system, you can work with our design team to create a completely custom and unique branded e-commerce website, all in less than seven days!

Launch your App

Once you’ve got your website built, bringing your app online is the final step toward your new era of profitability! Just accept the terms and conditions, and your app is online!