You’ve Got A Mobile App, Now What?

Creating a mobile app is a great first step to start better engagement with your customers and becoming an omnichannel store. But having a mobile app with no users is like having a fish tank with no fish. Check out the three strategies below to help you increase downloads and get your customers active and happy on your new mobile app.

Spread The Word

First and foremost, getting your app in front of your existing customers is the easiest way to start the ball rolling with app downloads. This begins with the creation of the app itself and utilizing proper ASO. Don’t know what that is? Don’t worry, it’s not important, we’ll tell you why at the end. The rest of the process only requires some small changes to your existing marketing communications and current way of doing things. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Place an app download link in every email sent to customers, with a separate app announcement email when the app is released and when you get new email subscribers.
  • Tell your in-store customers that they can download your app to make their online ordering experience better and more streamlined. Then you can give them the download link via City Hive’s text-to-download feature.
  • Develop print materials that feature your new mobile app and its added benefits and customer values. Place them at your checkout, in delivery bags, or wherever your customers can see them.


Now that you’ve got your app front and center, it’s time to convert from views to downloads. With all the ways mentioned above, you can feature each of the value propositions of your new mobile app and how it tremendously increases customer value. Show your customers the convenience of online ordering, the ease of delivery and shipping, and the app-only promotions and sales. Each mobile app is created differently, so your value propositions will have to be unique to yours. Some more to consider are a recipe catalog, a wine scanning feature, or your tastings/events calendar.


The final step to increasing your new mobile app downloads involves putting some resources to work. While you should already posting regularly on your social media channels about your new mobile app and other going-ons in your store, an effective tactic can be sponsored ads/posts targeted in your area. Even a small budget with good targeting specific to your local customers can increase app downloads. Another way to promote your app is through App Store Search Ads. This is offered through Apple or Google and will allow you to pay a specific amount per app download. Don’t go crazy with the budget as the strategies above should help you get app downloads regardless. For a more detailed look into app promotions, check back here soon for a full breakdown.

How We Can Help

With City Hive, all of these steps just became a lot easier. Remember ASO? Well it stands for App Store Optimization and it is the most critical aspect of your app for being found on the app store. City Hive’s development team are pros at creating a cohesive and effective ASO strategy, so there’s no need to worry about it. Beyond that, we offer print material design and printing, custom email marketing, and a text-to-download system right on the Merchant Dashboard.

Spread the word​