Is Your Google Site Shutting Down? Here’s What You Should Do

How the Beverage Industry Can Capitalize on Google’s Site Shutdown


In March 2024, Google is set to discontinue its Business Profile websites. This change presents an exciting opportunity for those in the beverage industry. Amidst these changes, City Hive is an industry-leading, robust e-commerce solution, offering a tailored platform to effectively enhance the beverage industry’s online presence and sales capabilities.

Google Shutdown Details

Websites affected by this shutdown are those ending in ‘business.site’ and ‘negocio.site’. After the shutdown, visitors to these websites will be redirected to their associated Google Business Profile, a temporary measure effective until June 10, 2024. Following this date, visitors will encounter a “page not found” error. Google advises businesses to update their Business Profiles with new website addresses if they wish to maintain an online presence.

Transition Timeline:

March 2024: Deactivation of Google Business Profile websites.
Until June 10, 2024: A redirection phase where visitors to these websites will be redirected to the business’s Google Business Profile.
After June 10, 2024: The redirection will end, leading to ‘page not found’ errors for these websites.

A New Opportunity for the Beverage Industry

The beverage industry faces a pivotal opportunity to redefine its digital presence with a modern, all-encompassing e-commerce experience. The key lies in embracing a solution that goes beyond replacing an informational website. It’s about finding a platform that enriches and propels business growth outside of your current customer base. It should also continuously adapt to market trends. An ideal platform would seamlessly blend with your existing POS system, simplify operations, and unlock new avenues for online sales.

City Hive is exactly this ideal solution and can become your industry-leading partner in growth for years to come. It offers a platform where businesses can not only showcase their products and connect with customers, but also explore the vast potential of e-commerce beyond their backyard.

City Hive’s Key Features

  • Custom E-commerce Website: City Hive websites are optimized for a best-in-class shopping experience through a professionally created and mobile-optimized design. Learn more here.
  • Custom Ecommerce Mobile App: Cater to the modern customer with a custom-branded e-commerce mobile app from City Hive, ensuring your store’s accessibility anytime, anywhere. Learn more here.
  • Search Engine Optimization: City Hive’s advanced SEO tools ensure high visibility for your website, making it discoverable in top search results where most customers engage. Learn more here.
  • Advanced Marketing Tools: Utilize City Hive’s intelligent marketing capabilities, leveraging website data to effectively target customer desires with minimal effort. Learn more here.
  • Universal POS Integration: Beyond e-commerce, City Hive links directly with your POS system for comprehensive inventory tracking, analytics, and more, enhancing your overall business operations. Learn more here.

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Affected by the Google’s Business Profile website shutdown in March 2024? Learn how City Hive’s e-commerce solution can transform your business