Wine Clubs

Let’s Talk About the Only Club That Matters

So you’re in the business of selling wine and liquor. Well, it’s likely you’ve thought about introducing a wine club. If so, smart move, if not, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In the US, wine clubs are more prevalent and successful than anywhere else in the world. They offer recurring revenue (the average consumer keeps their club for 18-36 months), make it easy to budget , and increase customer retention and loyalty (that’s the name of the game, folks).

And guess what? City Hive helps you create, market and manage your own wine club, craft beer club, mezcal club; heck whatever you want club. We’re making it easy for you to manage all of your subscriptions in one dashboard. Merchants can have the capability to include wine/liquor clubs on their mobile app and website, making it convenient and accessible for customers to sign up and enjoy your service on a regular basis.

The best part is that they are endlessly customizable.  Whether you want to have a “Reserves” club offering only top notch wines or a “Seasonal” club including the best wines for each time of the year, we can provide you with the leading edge technology to help increase your revenue and customer retention. So, whether you already have a wine club in your store, or you’re just starting, City Hive can easily help get you started.

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