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The 411 on social media...

Everyone is on it, but it seems that no one knows how to use it. Unsurprisingly, the way you post on social media for your liquor store is going to be noticeably different than on your personal pages. 

Influencers, algorithms, engagement, since when did a platform for sharing cat pictures become so complicated? Used the right way, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the rest can be incredibly helpful in expanding your brand awareness and reach. Check out some tips below to get you started: 

  • Frequency: Post more than you think is necessary, trust us. Remember that pesky algorithm? It’s the tool that the social networks use to rank accounts and assign the order of where they show up on people’s feeds. The more you post, the higher the rank. However, that isn’t a direct causation. If your posts become too frequent (like every hour) than your engagement will drop and so will your rank.
  • Authenticity: By keeping your content genuine and true to your store’s brand, it will maintain a cohesive experience for your customers. You don’t have to create polished and rigid content for every post. If you’re a mom and pop shop, then have a mom and pop social media presence.
  • Crowd Source: Don’t worry, we’re not about to suggest that you start raising money for your social media. But we are going to suggest that you get your customers and fans involved with it, in anyway possible. Get your best customers to post themselves enjoying their bottles, take action shots of tastings in store, or share some customer testimonials.
  • Variety: At some point, if you follow our first tip, you’re gonna start running out of ideas for what to post. Let City Hive help you. Link to your store’s products online, to post with high quality images and product descriptions. Repost our blog posts, social media posts, or sponsored campaign images. Have other ideas of how we can help? Let us know!
  • Be Active: Last but certainly not least, likes and comments. Another big part of the algorithm is engagement. By increasing your post’s likes, comments, and shares, your rank will improve. One way to get there is by liking, commenting, and sharing posts from similar accounts, your customers, and high traffic accounts. Just be careful that you’re conscious of what you’re engaging with. 

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