How a Personal Touch Pays Off

A Little Personalization Goes a Long Way

Let us tell you a story…

Your customer receives an email from you, their favorite alcohol retailer. They quickly jump to open the email for the potential of some coupons. As they start reading and as quickly as your customer got excited about the email…they’ve become disappointed. The deal was for a sweet white wine…when they’re a vodka drinker. Ouch.

For retailers, succeeding in the digital age is about providing great experiences. But for the individual, it should feel like an experience designed just for them. And I’m not just talking about including their name in an email (that’s so 2008), but really designing your promotions and communications that meet their wants and needs at the right time and place. 

Let’s be real, if your customer has only ever purchased Vodka, how likely are they to purchase a sweet white?

So what do we mean when we say personalization? Curate an experience where your customers feel like it was made specifically for them. Not only will this create a deeper connection, but your customers are more inclined to choosing your store and referring you to their friends.

Thankfully with City Hive, we are all about creating these experiences, such as sending birthday wishes, introducing a ‘Your Favorites’ section, or offering coupons for frequently purchased items. City Hive crafts and manages thousands of rich user and product profiles that includes thousands of characteristics and user behavior measures. From there, we are simply efficient matchmakers, like eHarmony but for alcohol.

We then use big data and AI algorithms to understand and predict what consumers want and when they want it. Our system personalizes the offer to each specific customer to optimize their experience and continuously choosing your outlet.

City Hive also gives you the tools to market directly to your consumer. Our system is designed to recognize patterns and will create customer segments for you. You know what they’re buying, when they’re buying, and frequency of purchases so you can create promotions geared towards them. You have the ability to send individualized push notifications from our easy-to-use platform to your customers. Maybe you want to send coupons to your most loyal customers? Maybe you want to create a deal to try to re-engage users with varieties they have purchased in the past? You can quickly and effortlessly create a personal push notification to your consumers. By doing so, you build a holistic and integrated approach to customer data and continue delivering a truly personalized customer experience. So where does that leave your customers? Continuously shopping with you, with digital offers that want, building loyalty and brand engagement.

Your Store's Curated Experience

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