Why You Should Offer a Curated Wine Package Today

Okay, it doesn’t take a genius to know that everyone is spending more and more time on their smartphones. If you did not notice that, just ask your significant other – believe me – they have noticed! According to Techcrunch, people are spending as much as 5 hours a day on their smartphones, making purchases, manage their banking, emailing, reading the news or a million other things, so if you have a business no matter how small, why wouldn’t you want a presence on your customers’ phones?

You have to spend Money to make money – But do you?
The problem is that if you don’t come from the technology world, it must cost a fortune to build your own branded mobile eCommerce app. You might even have tried your luck with building a website and been burnt. You might have spent $5000, $10000 or more and gotten nothing out of it. In fact, if you’ve built a Mobile app you’d know that the build cost is just the beginning and what really kills you is the maintenance.

Well, guess what? It doesn’t work that way any more. If you are a business owner wanting to go Mobile and even if you are a bigger store with multiple locations, more and more technology is available to meet the challenges of your business that don’t require large investments. These technologies work on a subscription or SaaS (Software as a Service) mode where you can pay as you go essentially de-risking the process of taking on this venture. They start from low functionality do-it-yourself apps and going up to high end, endlessly customizable and feature rich solutions that are simply a few clicks away with very little or even no upfront cost.

Oracle as a Metaphor
Gone are the days where you either go out and spend huge amounts of money on Oracle, IBM or Microsoft, although some still do because that’s just what they are used to and as you know, no one was ever fired for choosing Oracle (although I can definitely think of a few that should have been.) Do a quick online search and you can probably find multiple solutions at a fraction of the best price you ever thought imaginable.

The “No Free Lunch” Principle – Revisited.
One of the biggest obstacles encountered by businesses exploring the adoption of new technologies is disbelief. People tend to assume that if something doesn’t cost a lot it clearly has little or no value as that is often the case in life. On the other hand, independent business owners are unwilling (or even unable) to invest up front without clear proof of value. – This maybe the biggest paradox of independent businesses – big or small – in this brave new digital era.

I’ve recently heard Prof. Scott Galloway define the current economic environment as “the age of the consumer”. So while this is fairly self explanatory when you think of all the free services we get as individuals e.g. email, photo storage etc… This has yet to dawn on business owners and business professionals. The abundance of technology, the accessibility of very advanced tools the easiness of implementation and even the availability of AI infrastructure makes building amazing solutions and applications readily available for everyone.

We encourage our customers to let us show them what we can do. Don’t expect to pay anything before you see the product and the value. Get your fully branded mobile eCommerce app and eCommerce website. See how well it integrates to your POS system and provides you with full real-time data. Even then, don’t expect to pay anything unless your customers are actually using it. Let it run, set up a Loyalty plan, or let the system take its course. A few months later you will start to realize that you are now a digital company with a powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool at your disposal, that you have seamlessly built a powerful customer database and that you suddenly have in your hands capabilities that are on par with Amazon and Uber and that finally that instead of being an old fashioned retailer, you have maintained the integrity of your brand while harnessing the power of data to take you to the next level.

By Roi Kliper

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