Monday Morning Briefing #9

  • Starbucks has partnered with a cloud-based services company to create its own AWS for the restaurant industry.
  • The company says its goal is to expand its current technology into all of the market it operates in.

Competing with its Seattle neighbor, Starbucks has begun the process of starting its own cloud based software hub, that focuses on the restaurant and cafe industry. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the largest cloud services companies in the world and accounts for the majority of the company’s revenue. While Starbucks seems to be starting with expanding their own capabilities to all of the markets they service, experts expect the service to be opened to clients so that they will be able to use their award-winning rewards and loyalty programs, etc.

This is a bold move coming from a firm that sells coffee. But don’t be fooled, as the leader in the industry in not only coffee, but mobile app ordering, and customer data usage, this is a logical step. City Hive is not waiting for them to open their capabilities to the rest of the world as we have them available to our merchants today. Just like ordering a coffee, your customers can order from your store, collect rewards, and even show an in-app barcode to collect in-store loyalty points (with select POS systems). 

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  •  SevenFifty and Beverage Media announce a “strategic alliance”.
  •  The two companies say that they will offer the largest ecommerce channel for trade

Not much is known about the deal that was announced last week between the two firms. Whether one is buying the other, they are merging, or just becoming partners, there is more unknown then known. The article concludes that this is likely in response to the growing trend of digitalization within the industry, and the two companies are attempting to unified the three tier system.

We’ll keep you updated as more information comes about this “strategic alliance”, but in the meantime, City Hive will keep growing and improving our leading platform. Our supplier partnerships, massive product database, and industry-leading apps and websites are ready to take your store to the next level. 

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  • The company will officially launch the Lemon-do alcoholic soft drink in Japan in October
  • Lemon-do is the company’s first stab at hard seltzer, and it may be the only product of its kind for some time.

After testing their first alcoholic drink last year, Coca Cola has decided to officially launch the hard seltzer type product in Japan. Company executives are quick to say that US consumers shouldn’t be expecting this to come to stateside stores soon. However, it isn’t out the total realm of possibility. The US is expecting an introduction of a coffee-based coke product in a couple years that was developed in an international market previously.

We don’t have any clients in Japan but we would definitely try the new drink. The more important aspect of this story is that the drinks giant is at least considering foraying into the alcohol beverages market. It might not be long when we start to see Coke cans next to beer cans.

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