Monday Morning Briefing #8

  • Nearly 40% of global consumers are looking to reduce their alcohol consumption, citing health reasons
  • Non-alcoholic brands, bars, and products are popping up at break neck speed to meet the new trend

Once thought of as an orphaned product with no real market, non-alcoholic beers, cocktails and more are enjoying their time in the spotlight. As being health conscious becomes more in vogue, so goes the party habits of the younger generations. Major brands are investing large swaths of capital in their low ABV and non-alcoholic products to try and capture as much market share as they can. New Yorkers are seeing alcohol free bars popping up in trendy neighborhoods, charing the same amount for cocktails without booze.

Like with any trend or new product, it’s important to react carefully but effectively. With City Hive, we make featuring the in vogue products on your website and app as easy as possible. Just as you put your best selling products in the front of the store, we put them on the front of you app and site.

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The Brand Champions 2019

From The Spirits Business

  • Many political challenges led to a shift in the leaderboard of the top spirit brands in 2019
  • Gordon’s Gin was named the Supreme Champion of 2019 due to huge volume growth, successful marketing campaigns, and innovative new products.

Just like the Forbes Top 100, The Spirits Business publishes their list of the top 150 spirit brands based on sales, new products, marketing campaigns, and other unique factors. Getting the nod as top brand was Gordon’s Gin. After a drastic turn around from last year’s disappointing results, Gordon’s was able to fire on all cylinders for 2019.

We don’t suggest that you read every article and study the list religiously, but it would be a smart move to take a glance at the top 10-15 of each category and use this brands as a starting place for a marketing campaign to drive sales. With our push notification and email system, you can easily create and manage through the City Hive merchant dashboard.

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  • Senate Bill 647 more than triples the amount of beer a customer can purchase at breweries for off-site consumption, 
  • It also allows the cross-selling of in-state alcohol products like wine, liquor, meads and hard ciders and consolidates the liquor permitting process.
  • Some breweries are jumping to expand while others are waiting to test the waters

With the new law going in place, three of the top breweries in the state are already jumping at the chance to expand their operations in order to meet the new opportunity of increased demand. However, not all the state’s big breweries are being as eager in their growth. The article talks to a few brew masters who plan on waiting to see how the law affects the industry landscape.

The big news for retailers comes as an improvement to the acquisition of a state liquor license. Looking to start a new liquor store in the state? City Hive is the leading wine, spirits, and beer platform, make sure to contact us to help you get started.

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