Monday Morning Briefing #6

  • GrubHub has bought tens of thousands of restaurant URLs, preventing them from having their own websites
  • Executives were questioned in New York City Council last week over predatory practices

Just as we finished our series on the differences between White Label Solutions and Aggregators, news broke that aggregator, GrubHub, has been allegedly conducting predatory business practices against its own restaurant clients. The article shows how restaurants that use the service have found that URLs that mimic their business name have already been bought by GrubHub and lead back to the delivery service and not the small business.

This is an obvious sign of bad faith from the delivery giant and highlights the importance of knowing about aggregators before jumping in bed with them. If you haven’t checked out our articles yet about the differences between the two, click here to read now.

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  • China has over 800 million active internet users
  •  It is the world leader in ecommerce transactions
You may be wondering why we’re talking about a wine industry trend in China, but with more active users than total people in our country, China has the clout and the technology to set the trends of any industry it gets involves with. The largest messaging, social media, and ecommerce app in the country now has the largest wine app in the country, WeChat Wine. 

We’re not about to suggest that you move your store to China or start shipping your products there. But it’s important to note that the app is driving down prices and opening the products to new consumers. As wine apps begin to catch on in the US, keep a look out for their influence on industry trends and to make sure that you adapt with them.

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  • Over 1500 US consumers were surveyed to find out what they expect of the retail industry in the future
  • Respondents were relatively conservative in their answers, and aren’t expecting robots and AI in the near future.
There’s a lot to breakdown here in this article, and it’s definitely worth a full read if you want to see what the consumer public is expecting and hopeful for in the future of retail. One of the main points in the article is that consumers are looking for innovative and attractive retail options. Now that doesn’t mean they want models at the checkout counter, but rather a store that they can instagram and post about and share to their followers. Like we say every week, create an increased amount of customer value and loyalty with innovation in your store and your services.

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