Monday Morning Briefing #2

Here’s what you need to know to start your week

  1. Global E-Commerce Trends For 2019
  2. 6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Wine Retail Space
  3. Supreme Court to Decide if Wine Retailers Can Sell Across State Lines
  • Half of Americans prefer to make a purchase online, and an even larger percentage of younger generations prefer e-commerce over in-store shopping
  • 76% of consumers expect their online stores to understand their needs and expectations
  • Mobile Phone users are still continuing to grow year over year
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are poised to be the backbone of the industry in the future

It’s no surprise that the majority of Americans prefer to shop online rather than shop in store. While that may scare some retailers, it provides a great opportunity for alcohol sellers, especially those on the City Hive Platform. Not only does City Hive bring your local liquor/wine store online in no time, we also put you in your customers’ pockets, with a custom branded mobile app.

The article also predicts the growth of AI and Machine Learning in e-commerce during 2019. City Hive is once again ahead of the curve, with our predictive search feature and industry leading machine learning technology that pushes our retailers ahead of the competition.

If you want to be driving the trends of 2019, contact us today to set up a demo!

Highlights include:

  • Hosting educational classes/seminars
  • Creating monthly wine clubs/parties
  • Selling wine-adjacent products
  • Creating a convivial space

The article focuses on boutique wine shops but offers a few solutions that can help any liquor/wine store increase your business and your customer loyalty. We’ll gloss over the suggestions of adding a food program and adjusting your store’s layout.

Two of the suggestions are already easily accomplished through the City Hive platform, wine clubs and tasting events. Through our subscriptions dashboard, merchants can create, manage and market any number of clubs whether it be wine, whiskey, or mezcal. With our events dashboard, you have the capability to add your weekly tasting events, wine dinners, or sale events. Both of these can be sent to your customers via push notification and email marketing and always be found on your custom branded app and website.

The last two suggestions can significantly increase your customer engagement and loyalty. By selling wine-adjacent products and accessories and creating your store in a way that is inviting, you become a place where your customers can spend more time and in turn more money.

Contact us today to learn more about our subscriptions and events features, and how you can leverage them to your store’s advantage.

Highlights include:

  • A Supreme Court decision is coming in the next few weeks that will decide the fate of interstate shipping of alcohol
  • A Tennessee family brought the case when they were denied a license since they didn’t live in Tennessee long enough
  • If the Tennessee Law is struck down, the rest of the states laws are likely to go with it  

In the beginning of the year, the Supreme Court heard arguments in the possible landmark case of a Tennessee couple getting denied a liquor license due to their lack of length in their residency. While this alone doesn’t mean much to retailers, the consequences of the impending Supreme Court decision could send shockwaves throughout the industry for years to come. If the Tennessee law is struck down, legal experts argue that the rest of the strict interstate restrictions that exist in other states could come toppling down with it. This would open the flood gates to liquor/wine stores selling across the country via e-commerce.

City Hive is ready to support merchants the moment the decision comes down. Especially if national shipping is permitted, our UPS and Fedex integration allows our merchants to simply ship their products, through their custom branded mobile apps and websites. Suddenly, the boundaries switch from State Lines to whoever you can reach with your marketing efforts.

Contact City Hive today as you wait to hear from the Supreme Court, and be prepared for any eventuality.

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