Monday Morning Briefing #12

  • The number of U.S. breweries is forecast to swell to 9,200 in the next two years
  • The fastest-growing breweries are the “mom and pop” operations keeping their beer close to home

The Brewers Associations report is predicting anywhere from 1900-2400 openings in the next two years given the current industry trends. While the article highlights the possible supply overage in the industry, experts don’t expect this to be an issue.

While domestic and mass suppliers are still dominating the market, make sure to feature the best of the local breweries in your store to give your customers the choice they want. Keep an eye out for new openings so that you can be the first retailer to offer their selections.

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  • Yet another mail order wine service, except this one focused on the education rather than variety
  • Based in the UK the service will only cost 39 pounds per month

Contrary to most wine clubs, this new service The Wine List, is focused more on the education of wine. Each shipment is sent with tasting notes and other oenological guides and information. According to the creator of the club, half of the UK wine drinkers want to learn more about the wine they drink but don’t have a place to start.

Have a wine club or want to start one? Take a page out of these guys book and provide your members with high quality tasting notes and educational materials to give added value to your club. Need help starting or managing a wine club?

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  • The world’s largest liquor companies are selling off their wine businesses to cut costs
  •  Private Equity investors are putting pressure on the big four companies to increase margins on their profitable product lines, like craft liquors

Both Constellation Brands and Pernod Ricard have sold off a large chunk of their wine business in this year alone, and it doesn’t look like they have any intention of stopping. While their liquor brands are helping their parent companies keep their premium valuations, in recent years the wine brands have been dragging revenue down. The article goes on to assure that the global wine industry isn’t dying, it just happens to have better margins when operated as a single focus.

This may not have a direct influence on you or your store, it is always important to keep an eye on the industry and its happenings. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and check your inbox for the Monday Morning Briefing each week to keep informed!

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