Curating The Customer Experience

Why You Should Offer a Curated Wine Package Today

We’re all too familiar with this situation:

A customer comes in and says “I’m looking for a wine for tonight’s dinner.” You, excited to help your customer, swiftly and confidently ask “What type of wine were you thinking of?” The customer kindly responds with a “well maybe a red…maybe a white.” And it’s awkward silence from there as you slowly blink at each other.

Sound like a scenario you’ve been in? You and I both! Selling (and buying) wine is about learning your customers tastes and preferences, and building a relationship from there. Understanding and providing wines that meet your customer’s taste is what will make them come back to you, become a loyal customer, and be even serve as an unofficial brand ambassador.

Know your Customer

One way to solve these awkward moments is to host tastings at your wine shop. Events like this will allow your customers to explore with you what they like and what they don’t. By sharing your wine knowledge and listening to your customer’s reactions, you’ll start start building lifelong relationships with them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really solve the “tonight’s dinner” problem or translate well to the online channel (if only there were a way to virtually try wine…I wish).

Though we may never be able to have wine tastings online, online wine clubs are gaining interest. And what’s not to love about them? They provide recurring revenue and increase customer loyalty with very little effort on your side. Simple! But wine clubs are also a big commitment from the perspective of the buyer.

A One time Curated Package  

That’s what’s great about curated wine packages! As the retailer, you can show off your sommelier skills you learned from watching the Somm documentary on Netflix. By curating a package to showcase a stunning portfolio of the world’s wines, the customer will gain trust in your ability to select quality wines that out-perform their price and deliver a package that lives up to the quality of the wine. Whether it’s a package for your customer’s dinner party they’re hosting, or just to enjoy, they help establish trust and strengthen the relationship between you and your customer.

Unlike wine clubs which are subscription-based, curated wine packages are a one-time purchase. Once your customer is sold on your ability to curate a killer selection which nails their taste and budget, they are bound to come back for more and even subscribe into one of your wine club offerings.

Retailers get ready, because City Hive now has a feature to include curated packages on your mobile app and website. We offer a way for both consumers to explore new tastes and retailers to do what they’re good at: tasting, selecting, and producing a great package.

Curating Personal Packages that Scale

Our Artificial Inteligence set of algorithms can help retailers decide what would be the best wines for each specific customer based off their previous purchases, their profile and general wine and market characteristics. By offering curated wine packages, retailers have another opportunity to build their brand and increase loyalty with their customers. Providing your customers with great wines they’ll love in an easy and convenient manner, your customers will keep returning for more.

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