Clubs vs Subscriptions

You tell us what sounds better: Join our Club or Get a Subscription... exactly

Are you sick of hearing us talk about Customer Experience yet? Hope not, because we’re nowhere near done! Grab a chair and get ready for your next lesson.

It’s not enough to offer a service for your customers, its important that each and every service and product increase value and improve customer experience. The biggest difference between a club and a subscription is just that, the experience. 

A subscription is a transaction, something given for something received (i.e. cash for wine). A club, on the other hand, gives you endless opportunities to incorporate more and more value into it. Check out some ideas below to help:

  • Hold events for your club customers to attend, highlighting the bottles of the month and allow members to mingle with other members.
  • Create educational content and marketing material for members to consume while enjoying their club bottles.
  • Give club members extra perks and discounts on non-club products from your store, to increase their order value.

So now, when your customers become members, they gain a tremendous amount of added value and their loyalty increases ten-fold. And if you haven’t heard it enough yet, then here it is again: customers that are loyal and happy, are your best customers. 

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