5 Ways to Increase Customer Engagement

Keep Everyone Happy

The first one seems obvious but still remains one of the tenets of strong customer engagement. Happy customers are the best customers. Every effort by your liquor/wine store should be guided by the principle that it will keep your customers happy. Whether it be sales, policies, or new products, make a concerted effort to please your customers.

Deliver Enormous Value

Customers will remain engaged with a store that they derive value from. That doesn’t mean being the cheapest or holding the most sales, but use your products and services to create lasting value for your customers. One way to do this is to create a rewards program, another could be creating an expert’s picks wine club for wine lovers.

Personalize Communications and Marketing

Loyal and engaged customers feel that they are cared for and believe that their needs are understood. By “personalizing” communications and your digital marketing you can create a connection with your customers, which are more likely to stay engaged with your store. This doesn’t mean you have to handwrite each email, but use technology to easily customize certain aspects by using merge tags and segmenting your customers based on their preference data.

Be Where Your Customers Are

Customers are moving increasingly to preferring online purchasing when compared to in-store retail. Don’t close your shop doors just yet! One of the best ways to curate customer engagement is to meet your customers outside of your store. Not in person, that would be exhausting. It’s 2019, it’s time to get online and on the phone, mobile app and e-commerce website style. Engagement will go through the roof when your customers can interact with you on their computers and their phones with ease. And by interact, we of course mean buy.

Prioritize Customer Experience

The last way to increase customer engagement is to tie the four points above together and make it one cohesive experience. Your customers will be thankful, happy, and engaged when you prioritize and refine their experience with your store. Through every channel, every touch point, the customers want to experience happiness, value, personalization, and convenience. That means your social media, your mobile app, your website, your email/push notification marketing, and of course your store.


This is all great, but now what?

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