Solutions – Mobile App & Website

A single solution that builds your ecommerce business and manages your inventory, sales, and customers.

Pretty cool, huh?

Whatever you need, we have your back. With City Hive, you can launch a beautiful mobile app, website, or heck, why not both!

A mobile app and website that work perfectly together.

Doesn’t matter where they are - you and your customers stay connected.

Inventory, promotions, and everything else - one platform for your mobile app and website.

Fully Supported On:

Connect to our growing database of over 4 million products to put an end to maintaining product details online…





Offer customers exactly what’s available in your POS - pricing and quantity updated in real time.

Promote Products From One Dashboard, Across All Platforms

Premium Features:

Advanced Fraud Protection

  • Prevent chargebacks with detailed warnings for suspicious purchases
  • Detect and decline fraudulent orders from one dashboard

Immediately capture sales from customers near and far with...

Grab & go pickup​

Multiple delivery zones

Nationwide shipping with Fedex & UPS​