Solutions – Loyalty Program

Rewarding your customers has never been this simple.

We can't make this up.

It's as easy as:​​


Whether it’s in-store, through your website, or on your mobile app, customers can easily sign up.


Every bottle purchased teaches you more about each customer as they approach their reward.


Either thank them with a discount on their favorite bottle or give them store credit to try something new.

Loyalty plan may come in many different flavors. City Hive supports all of them.

City Hive offers a flexible and robust loyalty and rewards capability that work across all commerce channels. Integrated with a retailer’s POS, eCommerce and Mobile shopping cart, the loyalty platform operates automatically based on shopper’s transactions both in-store and online.

Point Based​​

Rebate and Cash Backs

Digital Punch Card

Membership based

Tiered Groups

City Hive offers retailers the ability to choose from several different types of loyalty plan structures offering a robust selection to suit any retail need. City Hive’s flexibility allows retailers to mix and match multiple loyalty functions creating the perfect experience for shoppers while incentivizing different behaviors beneficial to the business.

City Hive’s loyalty plan is branded completely to the retailer’s brand and natively integrates with the Mobile App to provide quick navigation and ultimate visibility to store operators and customers alike.

One-time purchasers become your store's biggest fans. Launch a loyalty program to boost repeat sales.


Sync purchase data from all channels to a single dashboard and to each customer’s profile.

Optimize inventory base on customers’ preference and basket analysis.


Strengthen your customer experience with personalized omni-channel recommendations.

Target the right customers at the right time with just the right products.


Upsell every day orders with premium products.

Increase each member’s order frequency and basket size.

Grow your loyal customer base, your top line and your bottom line.

How it works...

1. Decide how your customers unlock rewards

  • Membership pricing
  • Dollar amount spent
  • Number of purchases

2. Choose what rewards you offer

  • Every day savings
  • Store credit
  • Percentage based coupons

3. Relax while City Hive takes care of the rest

  • Automated & designed emails, push notifications, in app banners, and rich text messages.
  • Management of rewards and how they’re redeemed 

Step up your in-store experience with our in-app rewards card

Now supported on all POS systems

  • In-store purchases are now included in your customer data
  • Membership pricing automatically applied at checkout
  • Customers check-in easier with your mobile app