How it Works

Getting started is as easy as popping open a bottle of champagne.

(Which is just another reason to celebrate.)​

Setup Shop

Set store hours, offer different fulfillment (pickup, delivery, shipping) options, and connect your bank account to accept orders.

Integrate Inventory

Schedule a time with our integration specialists and we’ll quickly connect your POS system so your inventory updates to your dashboard every in real time.

Easily Engage With Your Customers

Build your customer base through offering an incentive based loyalty program. Upsell customers by emailing promotional offers for items they previously purchased.

Take Your Branded Website & App Live

You grant us access to your web domain and App Store accounts. We build your branded website and mobile app and push them live. Your customers shop with you online and you make more money.

Increase Customer Loyalty & Value

Keep customers coming back for more by creating promotions based on specific categories (Italian Wine Week or Bourbon Month). Use our automated email and push notification templates to increase customer order frequency and basket size.