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Schedule an online demo with our distributor expert Sam Murphy to see the City Hive platform for distributors in action! Learn more about how our suite of services are specifically tailored to take advantage of the 3-tiered alcohol industry to put your products in front of your most likely consumers. With custom website design, complete ERP integration, and customer relationship management tools included, you’re at the doorstep of a new era of profitability.

What will we talk about?

The core of what City Hive has to offer. Build your customers a platform where they can order from you, and only you. Control you branding, logos, payments, and products in one simple dashboard with no intermediary or aggregators. You worked hard to win over your customers, don’t sell to them on the same page as your competitors.
Learn what it means to own your customers. With City Hive customers and potential customers can discover your entire portfolio at the click of a button, around the clock, letting you make money while you sleep.
Take a tour through City Hive’s cutting edge CRM suite designed to help you foster better relations with your existing customers and generate new leads.

Ready to take the plunge? Learn how City Hive’s dedicated team of integration and onboarding specialists can bring your business online on the City Hive platform.