City Hive Spotlight: Sam Murphy

City Hive is excited to feature a brief interview with our Director of Business Development, Sam Murphy.

Hey Sam! Could you please introduce yourself and your position?

Hello, everyone! I’m Sam Murphy – Irishman in New York, working on partnerships with City Hive’s distributor & supplier clients.

As 2022 comes to a close, what are you looking forward to this year, and what new City Hive developments are you most excited about for next year?

Our new Distributor product is off to a roaring start, getting rave reviews from on-prem & off-prem buyers while empowering distributors of all shapes and sizes to take control of their destiny with their own branded storefront, outside of a marketplace. I’m looking forward to continuing our innovation in that space while welcoming more players onto the platform. I’m also excited about the City Hive Christmas party we’ll be throwing for all our clients in December.

As City Hive expands beyond its traditional foundation in retailers and moves to a three-tier model, how is the whole company growing and changing?

From our perspective, the three tiers are 100% mutually reinforcing, so gaining mastery in one absolutely benefits the others. To give one example: since we’re powering a fine wine distributor whose customers are sophisticated connoisseurs, we’ve had to massively up our content game. That effort is driven by said distributor, yet the benefits flow tangibly to retailers as their content becomes richer while suppliers are delighted to showcase their brands in all their glory. City Hive’s vision has always been to unite the 3 tiers to help them thrive, and with our recent advances, all that is coming to life.

What makes you excited to work every day?

We have a terrific team, we’re trying to set a new standard in everything we do, our clients count on us, and the US wine and liquor industry is inherently banterful, so that makes every day stimulating and fun!

What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?

Dirty martini. Or Jaeger-bombs. Depends on what kind of night out it is.