e-Commerce doesn’t mean managing a website

You shouldn’t have to build a complete e-commerce website to get the benefits of an online presence. That’s why City Hive supports Google Local Feed Partnerships so that your products can be put in your customer’s Google feeds with just the click of a button.

With City Hive connectivity, Google Local Feed Partnerships allow you to have your products listed online without ever having to build a website. This means that everyone searching in your area will see your products at the top of their search results. Then, just by clicking on the product, they will be able to buy from your store without ever having to build an e-commerce presence.


Maximize your time effortlessly

Not only does City Hive powered Google Local Feed Partnerships give you the benefits of e-commerce without having a website, but it also saves you time. With product information synced directly from your POS system via the City hive platform, adding a product to your inventory in-store means adding a product to Google! Want to change pricing information for an existing product? No problem, any changes you make via your POS system are automatically synced to your Google Local Feed Page.

See immediate results

When you Go Live with City Hive powered Google Local Feed Partnerships, your products are placed in front of your consumers using all available Google channels. Whether your customers are searching for your location on Google Maps, your e-commerce hub on Google Shopping, or even just your store’s name, they’ll see an automatically updated complete version of your entire product inventory with just the click of a button.