Weekly Webinar

Getting Started with City Hive

City Hive’s all in one ecommerce platform for wine and spirit shops provides an easy and economical way to build and manage your online sales while maintaining complete control over your customer base.

In these getting started sessions, you'll learn how to use City Hive and why it is the platform of choice for wine and spirits shops across the U.S., from mom and pop shops to chains and franchises.

Join a single session or as many sessions as you like. We’ll also have a live Q&A at the end of each session for real-time questions.

Learn how to:

Set up your online shop

Manage your inventory

Offer different order fulfillment options (pickup, delivery, shipping)

Grant employees access to fulfill orders

View the process from your customer’s perspective - and increase engagement

Get set up in the Google Play and Apple stores

Take your branded website and/or app live.