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Helping You Make Informed Decisions When It Comes to Fraud...

When you’re looking to make the transition to an ecommerce platform and start making sales online, how you handle fraud should be one of your main considerations. Well, City Hive has you covered with our advanced fraud detection.

In 2017, ecommerce fraud grew by 30% and has been steadily growing since. With higher risks comes the need for heightened awareness. And you know what? Our advanced fraud detection system will highlight any orders that are suspicious. Whether it’s a new customer ordering an abnormal quantity of products or a credit card that doesn’t match our customer names on file and anything in between, City Hive helps you make strategic, informed decisions when it comes to managing your orders.

Looking to get a hands on look of our advanced fraud protection and the rest of our platform? Schedule a demo with our VP of Sales, Haim Chasman.