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Full Stack Software Engineer
R&D | Full-time | TLV

City Hive is the leading omni-channel digital commerce and data SaaS platform, used by millions of consumers on a daily basis and specializing in the Wine, Beer and Spirits Industry. We unite the Three-Tier system in a whole new way by connecting retailers to wholesalers, distributors and suppliers, using the City Hive platform.

As a Full Stack Software Engineer in City Hive R&D team, you’ll become a core influencer to the way things are being planned, developed and executed. You’ll get to develop and deploy E2E systems and application that are in use by millions of users, and make a true impact in real time.


Engineering @ City Hive:
We believe and operate the whole system in a CI/CD manner, and short release cycles (a few hours to a couple of days). As a result, we have an insane test coverage with thousands of tests across the stack.
Our engineering culture emphasizes creative problem solving, fast iteration and execution. Team sizes are kept small to encourage big contributions from each team member and promote meaningful collaboration and problem ownership. Our technology stack is diverse and fluid. We touch on all technologies and build modular components that interacts with each other.


We are looking for a developer that:

  • Is customer obsessed and detail oriented
  • Is always looking to learn new skills
  • Likes to see his tests failing before he actually writes the code

And has:

  • 3+ years of full-stack development experience in SaaS startup company – MUST
  • An all around player, with start-up mentality, who doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty with whatever it takes to make things done – MUST
  • Experience developing backend web applications in a dynamic languages such as RoR\Python
  • Experience developing in a modern front-end framework such as Angular/React/Vue
  • Prior knowledge in an efficient ETL architectures
  • Managed/operated MongoDB databases
  • Worked with AWS

What’s the stack?

The short answer: if you’re good it does not matter. The longer answer:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Angular 9 + AngularJS
  • Micro-frontends (web components)
  • AWS Lambdas
  • MongoDB
  • Apache Cordova
  • Redis
  • Full Stack Software Engineer

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Tel Aviv

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