Feature Spotlight: Autopilot

In E-Commerce, an effective, but easy-to-manage, personalized marketing strategy can be what turns your business, both in-store and online, into a sales powerhouse.

However, making this strategy is often a complicated process, made more complicated by the fact that you have a business to run. From sending personalized messages to each customer to analyzing their behavior, personalized marketing may seem out of reach for all but the largest companies. But with City Hive, that couldn’t be further from the truth, all thanks to City Hive’s revolutionary Autopilot.

"If you can dream it, you can send it."

Whether you’re brand new to digital marketing or have a team of professionals to manage it, Autopilot is your all-in-one solution for effective and personalized marketing. Using the customer data that City Hive already collects, you’re able to build a relationship with each, and every one of your customers with just the click of a button. Want to automatically send a text to a customer that abandoned a cart? Or an exclusive email offer to only your most dedicated customers? Or, a yearly “Happy Birthday” offer for your customers to take 15% off on their birthday? With thousands of personalization options to choose from, if you can dream it, you can send it.

Not only can you send it, but you can send it automatically. With powerful flowchart-based commands, you can put your marketing on Autopilot. Simply define the parameters of the customers you’d like to contact, attach what you’d like to send them, and we do the rest. 

With Autopilots, the results speak for themselves. Automatically triggered emails are opened at a 70.5% greater rate and have a 152% higher clickthrough rate than regular email newsletters (WebFX). Companies that use marketing automation see 53% higher conversion rates (Aberdeen). And, most importantly, marketing automation users have seen an average of a 34% increase in sales revenue (Salesforce)!

"Marketing automation users have seen an average of a 34% increase in sales revenue!"

However, what makes Autopilots truly unique is their ability to leverage the City Hive platform to its fullest extent. Already built into the system, Autopilots are specifically designed for retailers in the American alcohol industry to reach more customers and grow their businesses. With your inventory, e-commerce, design tools, and customer segmentation all in one place, Autopilot has all the information and tools it needs to make you more money. 

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