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Welcome to The Bottom Line!


We’re City Hive, and welcome to our blog, The Bottom Line!

We’re a team of cutting-edge tech experts and alcohol enthusiasts who are taking the beverage alcohol industry by storm and revolutionizing the way people buy, sell, and enjoy alcohol.

Our system is comprised of constantly evolving AI algorithms giving you actionable information to optimize and facilitate sales in a true omni-channel experience, making mobile e-commerce happen like never before. Yeah, you could say we’re pretty badass.

Not only do we connect retailers to consumers, we offer a new channel for alcohol distributors to reach retailers, and for brands to connect with consumers and know in real time how their products are performing – creating a seamless platform for the entire supply chain. Whether you’re a small independent retailer or large brands and chains, we’ve got the technological edge to help you scale your business to new heights!

So is this blog for you? Well, if you:

  • Are seeking digital solutions for your business;
  • Enjoy business and technology insights from a trendsetting start-up;
  • Or just love everything beer, wine, and spirits!

Then you’re in the right place! We invite you to interact, leave comments, suggestions, and ask questions.

We’re excited to have you here!

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