Solved: Selling Products With No UPC

No Barcode? No problem.

One of the biggest advantages of City Hive’s platform is that we take away the headache of managing your mobile app and website. The long hours of locating decent images, cropping the images, searching for the best keywords, then adding descriptions to match your inventory are over. City Hive does it all for you (you’re welcome).

Until recently, one of the biggest annoyances of selling on our platform, and anywhere online for that matter, was being unable to include items without UPCs on your app or website. Those rare items that only you stock have never been showcased on your digital channels since they didn’t have a barcode.

Well, we heard you, and we listened! City Hive now has the ability to automatically identify all of the items you are selling. Our AI algorithm can identify any item whether or not they have a UPC code! Yes, it may sound geeky, but what could be more exciting than accepting items without barcodes? That new episode of Game of Thrones? Nice try. You’re lying to yourself if you believe that. Whether you offer small batch wines, craft whiskeys, or local brews, we include it all on your mobile app and website, creating a true omni-channel experience for your customers.

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