Monday Morning Briefing #3

  • Amazon shutters its own delivery service after four years
  • Last Year Amazon invested over $500 million in European delivery giant, Deliveroo
  • Experts agree that Amazon is likely to make a similar move on a US based operator

Amazon Restaurants, the retail giant’s food delivery service, says goodbye on June 24th after its short 4 year run. Many in the industry are hailing it as a win for the competition, but smarter minds are weary of celebrating too early. Just last year, Amazon injected half a billion dollars into Europe’s answer to Grubhub, Deliveroo. Sticking with tradition, it seems that Jeff Bezos will buy what he can’t build himself.

With this and the recent job posting of an alcohol industry lobbyist, Amazon inches closer and closer to wine and spirit retail. It’s not time to put your head in the sand and pretend nothing has changed. The landscape is shifting and it’s up to mom and pop liquor/wine stores to shift along with it.

City Hive is here to help. We have the most powerful online platform to combat the entrances of the Amazons of the world. We can help you run your own delivery service, or integrate with a delivery partner. Don’t wait, get ahead now. 

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2019 Top 100 Retailers Announced

From Beverage Dynamics

  • 16 out of the Top 100 spots were City Hive Partnering Retailers
  • Awards were given at the Beverage Alcohol Retailers Conference in Kentucky on June 12th

It was a one, two, three sweep of the top places in 2019 for City Hive partnering retailers! Twin Liquors of Texas (first place), Gary’s Wine and Marketplace of New Jersey (second place), and Liquor Barn of Kentucky (third place) were named the Nation’s top alcohol retailers for 2019. The award recognizes retailers who demonstrate innovation, excellent customer service and superior beverage alcohol industry knowledge. Previous winners include Applejack Wine & Spirits of Denver, Fisher’s Liquor Barn of Grand Junction, and Liquor Factory of New Jersey.

We at City Hive are immensely proud of the work the 16 retailers put in to reach the top 100. And while we definitely don’t do this for the awards or recognition, it sure doesn’t hurt! Our partnering merchants are the backbone of our business and we can’t be happier. Congrats to everyone in the top 100.

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  • Breweries and Distilleries are scaling back production and diversifying to stay competitive 
  • Craft spirits are catching up to craft beer as the category sees double digit growth
  • New hybrid “brewstilleries” are being developed to tackle industry challenges and growth issues
Like with most growth industries, the craft drinks industry is experiencing its own growing pains. The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI) released a report that focused on industry trends revolving around new machinery and automation that identified a shift in strategy and results this year. Specifically, breweries are reducing production goals and are refocusing on adapting their offerings to stay competitive in a dynamic playing field.

On the data side, the report found that the craft industry has a new whiz kid that will be driving the growth in the future. Craft Spirits had a 30% growth grate and surpassed in $3.7bn in total sales. On the flip side, total beer in the US was down 1%, while craft was up only 5%.

It will be up to retailers to take advantage of these trends to adjust inventory and offerings to adapt to consumer tastes and preferences. 

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  • Machine Learning is being introduced to major retailers as a way to improve and accelerate their business processes
  •  Retailers are using it to optimize shipping, checkout, image recognition, and more

The image above is very misleading. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, these aren’t robots coming to take your jobs or take over the world. These are advanced computer processes that are propelling the world into the future. They can make predictions based on past data with incredible accuracy and drastically improve the efficiency of the most complicated and nuanced things.

For example, Walmart is using Machine Learning to help market its products better by looking at past purchases and browsing history to recommend other products to users. While amazon is using ML to forecast the inventory demands for certain products. Amazon reports that 35% of their sales come from machine learning-driven product recommendations, that’s huge.

City Hive isn’t letting the major retailers have all the fun. Our platform allows mom and pop liquor/wine stores apply machine learning to their online store instantly. The search feature in the mobile app and website has machine learning built in to help consumers predict their search term and help them find new products. We also have machine learning to help our merchants make product and marketing decisions in their dashboards.

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