Monday Morning Briefing #11

  • Regulators have proposed to limit the amount of fees licensee’s can pay for delivery services
  • Services will have to lower fees to fall into compliance with the impending law

As we shared a few weeks ago, the NY State Liquor Authority was considering several remedies to address the influx of delivery services and their interaction with liquor licensees. Now we know that the group has proposed a new regulation that would limit the amount of fees that these companies can charge their customers. This will make a large impact to these services when the law comes into affect, as it will slash their revenues from NY restaurants. How they handle the revenue cut will be critical to them and you.

If you don’t work with any of these delivery partners, then this doesn’t effect you currently (stay tuned for a blog post on why maybe you should). However, many of our merchant partners have taken advantage of the convenience of outsourcing their delivery operations. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for a change in policy/operations in your chosen delivery service.

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  • With all the major grape varietals represented and a strong showing in recent years, Israeli wine is having a resurgence
  •  The article dispels most myths about Israeli wine and makes the case that it could become another major wine producing country

It was a slow week in the wine, spirits, and beer world… Nonetheless it’s always a good time to learn about a new wine producing region and to set some stuff straight about Kosher wine. We won’t go into all the details (that’s what the article is there for!) but it would shock a lot of people to know that not only does Israel produce a substantial amount of wine (including most of the noble grape varietals) but it also has a mix of kosher and non-kosher production.

Whether this is news to you or not, varying your supply with new countries and an increased amount of Kosher wine can vastly increase your customer base. If your customers know that you bring them additional value with new and exciting bottles and can help them choose hard to find kosher wines, then you just became their favorite store.

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  • A new study has found that amongst an older population set, that moderate wine drinkers have a lower mortality rate, than no drinkers and heavy drinkers
  •  Heavy drinking is still bad for your health, but there may be data to suggest that one to three glasses a week could help you in the long run

We’ll be the first ones to tell you that these studies come out all the time, and often in contradiction to each other. The article is very careful to state that this does not guarantee anything and that a correlation does not mean a causation. However, as a group of wine drinkers, we’ll read anything that says a glass or two won’t kill us. The most interesting conclusion from the study found that those who abstained from drinking actually had the highest mortality rate.

Now you may be wondering how City Hive can help you regarding an article about a moderate wine drinking study. Don’t worry, we’ve thought of a way! With this and other health conscious choices (i.e. low abv bottles, organic and natural products) you can easily create a health-focused marketing campaign within the City Hive Merchant Dashboard. 

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